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Director's Message

"With great powers comes great responsibility", we at DATAM EDU believe in this adage indeed for it's so appropriately communicates our attitude as we take up responsibility to empower our students and aspirants.

Our single-minded focus is to deliver high standard Australian educational programs and by offering qualification which is internationally recognized. Indeed we have opened up a world of opportunities for our students.

I am proud to say that we at DATAM EDU, all our teachers have been performing their duties with utmost care and interest, so as to contribute to the world better.

We have developed an extensive range of programs including short term certification courses and diploma programs. The wide range of programs we offer ensures that students can study an industry area that interests them, in a delivery mode that suits their lifestyle.

All the programs are designed in close consultation with industry experts and is aimed at making aspirants industry ready and performance oriented. To put simply, we want to build a skillful and successful world.

Not just that, we have had the good fortune of building valuable relationship with many esteemed organizations and Corporates.

With every passing day, responsibilities, expectations and demand has been increasing multi fold and so has been our performance. Every single academic year, we have been making stupendous commencements both in results and introduction of new courses, thus pushing the envelope beyond our own imaginations.

We have reached a phase, where the greatest challenge is ourselves and each time, and we simply want to get better.

Welcome to DATAM EDU!

DSN Murthy
Managing Director

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