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Our Focus

DATAM EDU focuses on:

  • Structured and world-standard quality Training
  • Bridging the supply and demand gap of businesses and corporates and ensuring fully equipped ready workforce.
  • Creation of new business avenues within the city, region and countries across the globe
  • Creating opportunities for youth in entrepreneurship and intra-preneurship Business
  • Imparting Training through highly qualified and skilled trainers
  • Skills Gap analysis - Identifying the skill gaps in the industries prevalent in developed markets.
  • Industry requirement analysis - Recognizing the specific requirements of the industry in a developed market.
  • Training need Analysis - Analyzing the competency of the trainees by the process of Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Training delivery - Customizing the courses according to the need of the students and delivering the training with expert pool of trainers in one of our centers
  • Certification - Certifying the students with international certification of Australian Courses.
We serve as a training and strategic partner to help teams, departments and organizations to achieve greater levels of effectiveness and productivity. The first step is to meet with a member of your team to discuss your situation and goals.  If you're not sure what you need, that's okay - that's why we're here!

How can we help you?

Change Management

For teams, departments and organizations that are facing transitions in leadership, organizational structure, or the way they do business, we can help you plan, prepare for, and implement your change.

Strategic Planning

For teams, departments and organizations that want to revise their strategic plan or those that would like to create one for the first time, we can help you clarify your mission, goals, and implementation plan.

Training Needs Assessment

Training needs Assessment helps in development of a training event, list the steps for conducting a needs assessment and identify the training needs of a specific group. It is important to carry out a training needs assessment before undertaking training. Identifying the Training needs can help to increase knowledge improve skills and support individuals to motivate and develop attitudes.

How could you assess needs?

  • Questionnaires/surveys
  • Observation
  • Interviews
  • Consult key stakeholders
  • Look at records and reports
  • Read job description
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