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15 Sept 2014, India: DATAM EDU CEO & MD, Mr. DSN Murthy's Interview with Business India

Business India, nation's foremost business magazine, finds Mr. Murthy's views on Vocational Training noteworthy and features him in the "Businessmen in the News" section of their September 2014 edition.

The post describes Mr. Murthy's viewpoint on how DATAM EDU helps train students in various disciplines of vocational training across Industry verticals including Building & Construction, Healthcare, Retail, Mining, Automotive, Hospitality, Financial Services and Mining.

DATAM EDU has recently launched DATAM VTEC (Vocation Training and Education Center) in Ahmedabad in partnership with Careers Australia (CA) - the biggest private vocational training provider in Australia. The business ready training provided by DATAM CA opens new employment avenues for students in global MNCs and helps meet the growing global market demand for vocational education.
17 July 2014, Ahmedabad, India: DATAM EDU proudly announces the launch of DATAM VTEC Ahmedabad in partnership with Careers Australia.
DATAM EDU in association with Careers Australia would provide vocational education and business-ready training across various industry verticals as per the industry requirements using Australian qualification & competency based quality framework and highly automated 3D animated learning management tool. The event attracted good coverage in regional media including newspapers like Prabhat, Divya Bhaskar, DNA, Jai Hind, The Indian Express and The Economic Times among others.
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The Economic Times   Prabhat   The Indian Express

Our unique approach would help provide students opportunities to work in multinationals in the country as well as internationally based on their performance. The launch of DATAM VTEC Ahmedabad is an important milestone in the field of vocational training in Gujarat and is set to be its first skill development center. This structured launch enables us to train youth in the building and construction sector especially in the areas on plumbing, bar bending, general electrical and painting.

As mentioned above, DATAM EDU's vision is to bring up Australian qualification to India and pave way for enhancement of skill development of people and create a regulated workforce with an international qualification. The entry of Australian training providers into India would further act as a source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) too.

  top-learning-management-system   big-learning-management-system
  From left, Mr. Samir Shah (Owner, JBS Group), Mr. Ashutosh Dave (Head, Vedic - Calorx Foundation) and Mr. DSN Murthy (CEO & MD, Dhanush Group)   From left, Mr. Mayur Shah (CFO, Adani Foundation), Mr. DSN Murthy (CEO & MD, Dhanush Group), Mr. Sridhar (Adani Foundation), Mr. Samir Shah(Owner, JBS Group), Mr. Mihir K Das (Retd. Senior Shipping & Port Professional), Mr. Ashutosh Dave (Head, Vedic - Calorx Foundation) and Prof. Srujana (Head – Training & Development, DATAM EDU).

With this vision, DATAM EDU has worked with Careers Australia, the biggest private vocational training company in Australia, representing 17 campuses in all major sites in Australia, offering more than 200 different courses across all fields, to establish a specific VTEC centre in Ahmedabad, India. With this unique partnership, DATAM EDU is going to extend offering into the retail, hospitality, healthcare, automotive industry, financial services, mining sectors in addition to building & construction.

DATAM EDU is all set to provide Australian qualification in India to cater to the Indian domestic requirements and pave way for robust economic growth through building and construction sectors which have been the key pillars for Indian economic growth. DATAM EDU plans to expand its centres across India within the next two years with primary intention of rural penetration.

04 Jun 2014, Kenya: Tripartite MOU signoff between DATAM EDU Kenya, Housing Finance Foundation and Careers Australia to generate skilled workforce

DATAM EDU has reinforced its commitment to contributing towards generating an industry-ready workforce in Kenya by signing a tripartite MoU with Housing Finance Foundation (foundation wing of Housing Finance, the leading mortgage company) and Careers Australia (the largest private training provider in Australia).

Mr. DSN Murthy (Managing Director, DATAM EDU), Ms. Winnie Imanyara (Executive Director, Housing Finance Foundation) and Mr. Richard Noren (General Manager – Professional Services, Careers Australia) signed the MoU at DATAM EDU’s office in Nairobi, Kenya on 22 May 2014. This marked a kickoff to a long-term relationship between the three organisations for building technical skills in the Kenyan workforce and working towards Housing Finance Foundation’s larger aim of creating an army of one million artisans by 2016.

Under the memorandum, DATAM EDU in collaboration with Housing Finance Foundation will directly work with relevant ministries, department and agencies charged with the task of implementing Vision 2030 flagship projects.


24 Mar 2014, Kenya: Dhanush to assist Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) to set up IT initiatives

Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) has signed an agreement with Dhanush Infotech. As part of this agreement, Dhanush would help CUEA to set up IT initiatives that would benefit both students and faculty.

Further, Dhanush is entrusted with establishing cloud and network connectivity in campus, providing Integrated Management System, rolling out LMS & video-conference based teaching and providing internship opportunities for students with industry-sponsored projects. Broadly, the goals are to ensure tech-savvy staff & industry-ready students.

We are glad to note that this educative effort by Dhanush has attracted media attention. Tuvuti.com, a tech-review blog based in Kenya, has also covered this event. Please read it here.

MoU signed with MobilTrain on 9 November 2013

"We have signed an MoU with MobilTrain Knowledge Services Private Limited, a subsidiary of Ucal Group on provisioning of high quality education in Health Care and other Educational verticals for the Indian and African Regions."



Signing off MoU between Government of Gujarat and Adani Education & Research Foundation (AERF) Along With Knowledge Partner DATAM EDU

DATAM EDU has reached another milestone to help Indian youth convert their hardship into hard skills enhancement and career opportunities.
Mr. Murthy CEO & MD DATAM EDU Pvt. Ltd has been instrumental in making inroads for Australian Qualification into Indian and other global VET space to strengthen skill development opportunities between India and Australia. His continued perseverance and zeal to bring the cause to reality has leveraged the MoU sign-off.

To make this initiative successful a signing ceremony was held at The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) Office with extended support from government of Gujarat on 17 September 2013. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Government of Gujarat and Adani Education & Research Foundation (AERF) as a local industrial partner will work with DATAM EDU Pvt. Ltd., knowledge partner for Australian certification to tie up for technical and vocational skill training with an intention to provide dual certification (i.e. NCVT + Australian Certification) to aspirants in Gujarat. The MoU confirms the undertaking of a formal relationship between the parties in an effort to address the employment issue and to enhance employability skills of youth through the VET Program (Vocational Educational Training). The agreement will also allow the students of Gujarat to serve globally in fields of Construction & infrastructural sector.

This MoU event was chaired by Mr. Rod Solomon (Retried Trade and Investment Commissioner Australia),
Dr. Chandan Chatterjee, Director, The Centre For Entrepreneurship Development represented Government of Gujarat, Mr. U V Phani Kumar, Director & COO, represented on behalf of Adani Education & Research Foundation (AERF) and Mr. DSN Murthy, CEO & MD represented on behalf of Dhanush Infotech and DATAM EDU. The agreement is to focus on giving quality vocational education along with career enrichment to the un-skilled and semi-skilled youth of Gujarat, and to address the skill gap in Construction & infrastructural industry. Its objective is to impart Australian Qualification & Certification to the target audience of Gujarat and to provide suitable employment to them.

DATAM EDU has a progressive vision to conduct similar vocational training Initiatives in other states of India with a mission to envisage the skill enhancement of youth thereby creating global opportunities for them in raising the employability status of Indian markets and improves the economic growth.

Seminar On Eastern & North Easter Skill Development Summit "Role of empowering all individuals towards a better India"

Kolkata: On 26 & 27 July 2013, the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), jointly withNational Skill Development Council (NSDC) hosted a seminar on "Eastern & North Easter Skill Development Summit-Role of empowering all individuals towards a better India", the topics dealt were Skills Tech and Australian system, International Benchmarks, challenges, opportunities, threats and key learning & future of Indian VET. The main aim of the summit is to create a sustainable Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) for East and North East States of India.

Mr. DSN Murthy, CEO & MD Dhanush Infotech and DATAM EDU had showered his speech in seminar on the importance of vocational education in youth empowerment. The purpose of the seminar was to discuss the key value drivers and proposition for international training partners to partner in India. While addressing the gathering he said there are many jobs available but it is very difficult to find a suitable skilled workforce for it. Therefore, it is important that along with traditional education, vocational education training be pursued by students. He emphasized that skill based vocational education while providing employability also promote empowerment especially amongst un-skilled people. The Summit saw active participation from Ministry level delegations from East India States, North-East States and West Bengal and also large contingent of International VET providers. The seminar was attended by the Mr. PrasenjitKundu, Mr. Suborno Bose, Mr. Parampreet singh, Mr. G. P. Chandrakumar.

The aim of the seminar was to bring together Vocational Education training focusing on education, skills development and employment in Indian Market. The VET has a mission to produce and develop vocational manpower entering the labor market. This is a significant occasion to increase the capacity of students and people, the amount of competency in the country, and to ensure that the quality of our vocational students meets the requirement of both private and government sectors.

MoU Sign Off between DATAM EDU & SkillsTech Australia

HYDERABAD, December 3, 2012: MoU to help Indian youth acquire technical expertise A good number of Indian youth can now acquire technical expertise in a variety of sectors thanks to an agreement reached between Dhanush Academy of Technology and Management DATAM EDU and Skills Tech, Australia. A MoU was formally signed by DSN Murthy, CEO, DATAM EDU and Campbell Newman M.P, Premier of Queensland, Australia, here, on Monday.

As part of the agreement, semi-skilled persons will undergo a three to six week certificate course in areas like construction, infrastructure, electronics and mining. The job-centric course will be recognised by Indian universities.

Addressing a workshop on "Opportunities in education and training",
Mr. Newman said India was a major trading partner for Queensland in a range of industries like resources, tourism, agriculture, education. Strengthening ties would greatly benefit both Queensland and India. "We welcome young people from India and they can benefit from immense opportunities in education," he said.

Mr. Murthy, said there was a huge space in vocational education to be filled. DATAM EDU planned to create a talent pool in the country to serve globally in fields like infrastructure, health care and retail. To start with, upgradation of skills in the mining sector would be taken up and gradually other segments would also be covered. .

IFMIS Training Project at Nairobi, Kenya - January 2012 onwards

DATAM EDU has undertaken a Long-Term Training Project n Ministry of Finance of Kenya regarding the "Development and Implementation of an In-Classroom and Virtual / On-line learning / Training program for the IFMIS Academy as part of the IFMIS Re-engineering. DATAM EDU is confident about fulfilling the strategic objectives and goals set forth by MOF to transform financial management by creating an IFMIS academy to enable IFMIS staff and IFMIS users in Ministries, Departments and Agencies to realize full potential through programs tailored to enhance knowledge, skills and capabilities.

The strategic objectives of the IFMIS Academy include below broad strategic objectives,

  • Be Best In Class: Establish required Processes, Procedures, Staff and training tools to support IFMIS users and IFMIS Staff
  • Improve Capacity: Foster a learning culture, by providing frequent and regular professional training opportunities
  • Improve Retention: Provide staff with personal development tailored to the roles, current skills and aspirations
  • Improve Performance: Evaluate staff regularly through online and offline assessments in order to commend successes and take corrective action depending on results
  • Improve Knowledge Management: Facilitate knowledge transfer and knowledge management between employees and the organization
  • Foster positive reactions to change: Encourage staff to positively embrace change through training and by building awareness and enhancing commitment to effective and efficient implementation of IFMIS Re- Engineering
  • Enriching and deepening of the IFMIS Users skills and Capabilities so that, IFMIS Re-Engineering process can be a Success

Fresher Recruitment Program (FRP) Training- Every year (Season-III in July 2012)

The Soft Skills Training Program for the Freshers recruited by technical teams of our parent organization, Dhanush Infotech. The FRP Program, that is undertaken every year, has its SEASON III in the year 2012. The number of young employees were trained in various aspects of soft skills and Professional development. DATAM EDU provides the candidates with such trainings that can definitely increase their productivity. 

Soft Skills and Life Skills Training Session at Lucknow - Aug 22nd - Aug 26th 2011

FVTRS with its objective of "Introducing Youth To The World of Work"is working effectively to provide employability skills to the youth in the rural areas who are school drop-outs. DATAM EDU with its unique and distinct training programs "Employing India and Enhancing Skills" is also working towards providing employability skills to the Youth. As, both the organizations share a similar target audience and share same thoughts, together these organizations are now working towards framing extensive training programs to help the youth in getting employed and lead a successful life.


One Day Seminar or Corporate Culture at Tirupati - Aug 26th 2011

DATAM EDU conducted one day seminar on corporate culture, the topics dealt were personal and cultural values, Organization Structure, Organizational Behavior and Business etiquettes. Emphasis on English Language Training which included framing sentence, pronunciation, diction, Voice and Accent etc. As a result of this one day seminar DATAM EDU could observe the positive practical and psychological changes amongst the students. Apart from Shree Institute for Technical Education there about 200 other students from Vaishnavi Institute of Technology, Tirupati who were also the part of this particular Seminar.

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