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Datam Learning Management System (LMS) is an eLearning platform, specifically designed keeping in mind the Africa Education Ecosystem to regulate learning content and significantly improve learner interactions. Our Learning Management System facilitates online availability of learning material, allowing students to view and interact with it through any device with access to the internet, essentially any computer, tablet or smartphone.

We believe in innovation. Therefore, our products such as the Learning Management System, are inventive, reflect ingeniousness and always in sync with our customers' expectations. We have devised brand new channels to ideate, create and subsequently deliver immersive eLearning content and interactive learning experience to our customers.

Our comprehensive solutions enable us to devotedly serve Schools, Colleges, Universities, Vocational Training Centers, Corporates and Governments.

Datam LMS's Features

  • eLearning
  • Instructor-Led and Self-Paced Learning
  • Virtual Classroom- AV Conferencing

Assessment and Monitoring

  • Self-Assessment
  • Assessment Tracking
  • Performance Monitoring

Document Repository

  • Uploading and Downloading of Files
  • Data Management
  • Archiving of Learning Material


  • Extremely Secure Login Credentials and File Sharing (N-Tier Architecture)
  • Information Security


  • Excellent Integration with Various Social Media
  • Instant Messenger for One-to-One Chats
  • Blogs and Forums for Group Discussions

User Friendly GUI

  • Linear Navigation
  • Simplistic (Realistic) Layout
  • Intuitive Forms and Screens
  • Tooltips for Help and Suggestions


  • Easy Integration with other systems like HRMS etc
  • Reliable APIs for any kind of integration
  • Mobile Learning - Anywhere and Anytime!

Benefits of Datam LMS

  • Streamlined training process
  • Ability to deliver extremely engaging and motivating training to everyone
  • Immediate and need-based scalability with Datam LMS assists you in your business expansion
  • Easy access and secure exchange of learning material
  • Multiple learning channels supporting numerous media formats
  • Increased interaction (72%) between learners and trainers
  • Manage your staff and keep a track of their training with Datam LMS
  • Facilitate eLearning to reach wider audiences across Africa
  • Consolidate all training information into one system
  • Increased productivity due to faster learning

Key Differentiators

  • Prolific IT Company headquartered in Africa, solely focused to meet the Learning and Training needs of Educational Institutes/Corporates/Government Organizations.
  • Intense study of African Business Ecosystem, including various Learning Management Systems ensures that Datam LMS is tailored to fit African requirements.
  • Reduced costs due to apt design, keeping in mind the industry need and geographic location within Africa.
  • Datam LMS houses immediate scalability and hence allows a wider reach which would enable secure and seamless communication across the African continent and beyond.
  • Proven track record with several end-to-end LMS implementations with local expertise being involved in every engagement.
  • Datam LMS uses an inventive technology which facilitates data transfer using low bandwidth during AV conferences resulting in uninterrupted connectivity throughout

We cater to

BFSI | Construction | Education | Government | Healthcare | Mining | Telecommunication

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