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Our Unique Approach

Expertise encompassed with precision in service delivery
At DATAM EDU , we follow a 4-pronged approach in enabling trainees to achieve academic excellence and be business ready. This approach is applied to all disciplines and course offerings. Students / Trainees must gain a multifaceted understanding of their subjects to make themselves thorough professionals.

Theoretical Knowledge
The DATAM EDU training model has been designed to ensure that trainees are provided with a thorough understanding of all foundation knowledge and the theoretical aspects relevant to their field of study - IT, Financial Planning, Management and Sustainability domains. Theoretical Knowledge is shared through various concepts and is built upon to develop practical applications.

Practical Knowledge
The participants at DATAM EDU have thorough exposure in applying theory to practical situations and in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of key concepts. Considerable emphasis is given to the practical application of what has been learnt as theoretical knowledge and the practical knowledge is imparted to participants at every level.

Business Domain
A proper understanding of a business domain is vital to the success of any project. Even a person with sound understanding of both theory and practical application may still need support to apply the concepts and knowledge in real-time situation. Our courses help people to understand the business domains and make them business-ready.

Research and Development
Research and Development is one the most important aspects that can lead to growth and development of society at large. IT, Finance, and Management domains are no different. DATAM EDU focusses on an individuals positive attitude, an enquiring mind and an open approach using Research and Development activities to encourage creative solutions.

DATAM EDU is aimed at training workforce and make them effective professionals with strong insights into theory, practice, as well as business.

Global Education with Local Reach
Courses at DATAM EDU are designed for each region while considering various local aspects such as:

  • Various Industries and Businesses operating in the region
  • Job opportunities being created in the region through various sources
  • The number of people and potential people of the region
  • The number of outstation people coming into the region
  • Need Analysis of planned courses for the region
  • Gather Count of potential candidates currently studying at local universities, colleges including trade wise breakdown
  • Count and Breakdown of various teacher groups working a region to support the course offering
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